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Here's a high level view of how we work.

Have a read over this to get a good understanding of the various stages of a website project. We’d love to hear from you and if you’re interested in working with us, head over to our getting started page.


Once we’ve got all the information we need, we’ll build a sitemap in both visual and detail form, so we can all get on the same page very quickly about what it is we’re trying to communicate and the best way to structure the information. Here’s an example of a sitemap we made earlier!


Now instead of trying to tell you what we intend to build and hoping you understand us, at this point we’ll build an interactive prototype using the latest technology to show you how our solution will work.

This is the point where you can really start to see it coming together. Here’s a snapshot of one we prepared earlier.


The fun begins during the development stage because this where we start putting all that amazing planning and design work into the website for real!

At the end of this stage, you’ll have a fully complete new website with just our final checks left to complete.

Here’s an example of a fully complete site.


To finish off, we hibernate for a week and make sure everything is thoroughly tested on all major devices and web browsers, before deploying your shiny new website to your server – ready for you to show off to the world!

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