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Mobile friendly

Put simply, if your website isn’t mobile friendly now, you’re missing out on a huge amount of business. The technique of building websites for multiple devices has been around years now and the statistics on mobile usage of the internet continue to outgrow desktop year on year.

Every single one of the websites we build is mobile friendly. We would be doing your business an enormous disservice otherwise.

Fast loading

There are lots of reasons for making sure your website loads quickly – on every device. Right at the top of that list is the people that use it. Guess what’ll happen if it’s sluggish and takes donkeys years to load? Yep, you got it, they’ll leave and possibly never return – congratulations on handing some business over to your competition.

Aside from website visitors, search engines now place a great deal of emphasis on user experience metrics such as page speed when deciding where to rank your website. Put yourself in their shoes. They want their search results to be the best and most relevant and if they’re showing slow loading sites to people, it isn’t exactly sending out the best message is it!

Search Engine optimised

It goes without saying that you want your business to be found online. If people are searching for what you do and in your location, you want your business to appear in the search results.

We make sure that search engine best practices are built into every website we build.

Following the launch of the website, we’ll hand you over to one of the experts in our partner network who will start sending lots of potential customers to you.


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